Allahabad High Court RO/ARO Exam Solved Paper 2019

परीक्षा का नाम (Exam Name) – Allahabad High Court ARO (Assistant Review Officer) Exam 2019
परीक्षा की तिथि (Exam Date) – 24 Feb 2019
प्रश्नों की संख्या (Total no. of questions) – 200

01. Choose the correct option to complete the idiom which means to overcome a barrier, specially the ones related to gender or race:
“To ___through the glass ceiling”
(A) crack
(B) break
(C) beat
(D) melt

02. The word “approach” can be used as
(A) both noun and verb
(B) both noun and adjective
(C) both adjective and adverb
(D) noun, verb and adverb

03. Fill in the blank with the appropriate option.
“The teacher complained _____ him when she met his mother in the market.
(A) in
(B) against
(C) on
(D) by

04. Fill in the blanks with the correct tenses from the following options :
“Galileo _____ that the Earth ____ around the Sun.”
(A) discovers, moved
(B) discovered, had moved
(C) discovered, moves
(D) discovers, has moved

05. Identify the grammatical error in the given sentence:
“We went to the market yesterday to buy some fruits and furnitures.”
(A) We went to
(B) the market yesterday
(C) to buy some
(D) fruits and furnitures

  1. Choose the correct option which gives the antonym of the given word.
    (A) Secure
    (B) Equivocal
    (C) Dubious
    (D) Dicey

07. Complete the analogy:
Acrophobia : Fear of heights :: Anglophobia : ?
(A) Fear of pain
(B) Fear of open spaces
(C) Fear of English culture, people
(D) Fear of opinions

  1. Substitute the phrase in bold italics with the appropriate option :
    Usually, no one gives a job to someone who runs away from the law.
    (A) a fugitive
    (B) a persistent
    (C) a juvenile
    (D) None of the above

  2. Fill in the blank and complete the idiom :
    They had successfully hidden the news of their venture from everyone. It was now time to let the _____ out of the bag.
    (A) dog
    (B) toy
    (C) cat
    (D) cards

  3. Fill in the blanks using the options given below :
    If you wish to survive here, you must prove your _____.
    You ought ______ to touch the fire unless you want to get burned.
    (A) medal, knot
    (B) mettle, not
    (C) meddle, nought
    (D) metal, note

  4. Fill in the blank using the options given below :
    The activity that you are doing should _____ your interest.
    (A) peak
    (B) pique
    (C) peek
    (D) peke

  5. Complete the analogy :
    Dirty : Filthy :: Silly : ?
    (A) Mundane
    (B) Frivolous
    (C) Serious
    (D) Discreet

  6. Which part of sentence has an error ?
    “I found a purse lying in the corridor. I have no idea who it belonged to.”
    (A) a purse
    (B) lying in
    (C) have no idea
    (D) who it belonged

  7. Complete the sentence using the correct form of verb in the brackets :
    Presidential _____ (assent/ascent) is a must _____ (in/on/for) the new legislation.
    (A) assent, in
    (B) ascent, on
    (C) assent, for
    (D) ascent, in

  8. Choose the correct word from the given pairs to complete the sentence :
    ‘As the ATM ran out of ‘_______’ the manager ordered to get money from the ____ to refill the ATM.
    (A) cash, cash
    (B) cash, cache
    (C) cache, cache
    (D) cache, cash

  9. Choose the correct meaning of the given idiom :
    “Raining cats and dogs”
    (A) Very heavy rain
    (B) A strange event
    (C) A false gossip
    (D) Something impossible

  10. Which among the following phrase describes Someone who comes up with a counter argument contrary to what other people have been saying?
    (A) Midnight’s Children
    (B) Dark Sheep
    (C) Devil’s Advocate
    (D) Satan’s Sword

  11. Which among the following is the correct spelling according to the dictionary ?
    (A) Millenieuma
    (B) Milennieum
    (C) Millennium
    (D) Milleniumm

  12. Given below are parts of a single sentence.
    Each part is labelled as K, L, M, N. You need to arrange the given parts to form a coherent sentence by identifying the correct sequence.
    K: a reception which will be attended by
    L : from the film and sports fraternity
    M: a host of celebrities
    N : tonight the couple will host
    (A) NLMK
    (B) KLMN
    (C) NKLM
    (D) NKML

  13. Identify the word that is spelt correctly.
    (A) Baleweather
    (B) Bellwether
    (C) Bellweather
    (D) Belwether

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