CTET September 2016 – Paper – I (English Language) Answer Key

Q136. A shorter form of a group of words, which usually occurs in an auxiliary verb, is:
A. conjunction
B. connotation
C. connector
D. contraction

Q137. Aditi, a visually challenged child in Class IV, does not have any text in braille. How can a teacher facilitate her in reading the English textbook?
A. She may ask the principal to arrange a special teacher for her.
B. She may arrange and give the audio CD of the textbook to the child.
C. Instead of focusing on this single child, she may use her energy in teaching the remaining class.
D. She may ask her parents to look after their child.

Q138. Poetry teaching is generally meant for
A language learning
B. learning grammar
C. learning punctuation
D. enjoyment and appreciation

Q139. Reading English as a second language means:
A decoding of letters and words
B. reading aloud
C. reading for grammar
D. meaning making

Q140. When learners give feedback on each other’s language, work, learning strategies, performance, etc., it is called:
A. peer assessment
B. formal assessment
C. group assessment
D. self-assessment

Q141. A teacher after completing a chapter asks the students some questions to review their learning and check their understanding. The questions she is asking will be based on:
A middle-order thinking skills
B. lower-order thinking skills
C. hyper-order thinking skills
D. higher-order thinking skills

Q142. A good teaching-learning material (TLM) can best:
A. facilitate the teaching-learning process .
B. be a source of entertainment
C. help the teacher to transact material without any modification
D. help the learners acquire a language

Q143. While providing feedback to the parents, a teacher should not:
A compare the current performance of the child with her previous performance
B. give qualitative feedback about the child
C. share the incidents recorded in the anecdotes
D. compare their child with other children Directions

(Qus. 144-150): Answer the following questions by selecting the correct/most appropriate options.
A remarkable feature of Edison’s inventions was their basic simplicity. There were innumerable scientists possessing deep knowledge of electricity, chemistry, etc., but it was this unschooled genius who succeeded where they failed. What were his unique qualities?  Firstly, he had an uncanny ability to judge the practical use of any scientific fact. Secondly, he was blessed with patience and perseverance. He would try out countless ideas till he found the right one. Third was his business acumen, which enabled him to earn the large sums of money necessary to conduct experimental work.
Edison’s enthusiasm for work and optimistic attitude ensured a long and productive life. Only after crossing the down. During his it on, medicines, possibly he was investigations! He be ripe old age of age of seventy-five did he start slowing down final illness, his curiosity about his condition and treatment, made the doctors think that possible taking this too as one of his scientific investigate passed away on 18 October, 1931, at the ripe old eighty-four.
During his lifetime itself Edison became one of most famous men in the world. Honurs were whose him. Among them was the congressional gold medal in 10 for his contributions to human welfare. In 1960. be posthumously elected to the Hall of Fame for Great America at New York University. But the tribute that was eloquent was quite unintended. The authorities contemplate switching off the power supply in New York, the scene of his triumph in 1882, for two minutes as a mark of respect on his death. But 1931 was not 1882. Since normal life would have come to a standstill by the two-minute power cutoff, the idea was given up. There could be no greater tribute to the man than this negative tribute.
Q144. The most remarkable feature of Edison’s inventions was their:
A multiple usefulness
B. low cost
C. aesthetic aspect
D. fundamental simplicity

Q145. According to the author, Edison became prosperous because he:
A. made the best use of his time
B. had great business sense
C. had luck on his side
D. worked very hard

Q146. To conduct experimental work, Edison needed:
A huge amounts of money
B. calm and quiet atmosphere
C. sophisticated gadgets
D. support of generous patrons

Q147. Edison’s long and productive life can be attributed to:
A his involvement in charitable work
B. his positive attitude
C. his immensely good health
D. a large circle of friends

Q148. The word ‘uncanny’ as used in the passage means.
A. terrific
B. astonishing
C. weird
D. great

Q149. The opposite of ‘famous is:
A unknown
B. negligible
C. unnoticeable
D. unpopular

Q150. Which part of speech is the underlined word? “… any scientific fact.”
A Adjective
B. Adverb
C. Preposition
D. Noun

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