UP Aided Junior High School Teacher Exam Answer Key (English Language) – 17 October 2021

Q71. The character of Sir John Falstaff appears in
(1) A Mid-Summer Night’s Dream
(2) Hamlet
(3) Othello
(4) Henry IV, Part 1

Q72. The following lines are an extract from wh poem?
“Fade far away, dissolve, and
quite forget
What thou among the leaves last never know
The weariness, the fever, and the fret”

(1) “Ode to a Nightingale”
(2) “Ode on a Grecian Urn”
(3) “Ode to Autumn
(4) “Ode to Psyche”

Q73. Shelley’s ‘Adonais’ is a threnody mourning the death of
(1) John Keats
(2) Harriet Shelley
(3) Robert Burns
(4) William Wordsworth

Q74. Who is the hero in Hardy’s The Mayor of Casterbridge?
(1) Henchard
(2) Farfrae
(3) Joshua
(4) Solomon Longways

Q75. Thomas Hardy was a novelist of
(1) Neo-classical Age
(2) Elizabethan Age
(3) Romantic Age
(4) Victorian Age

Q76. The first original dramatic work by a woman is
(1) The Tragedy of Mariam
(2) The Comedy of Errors
(3) The Faerie Queene
(4) The Unfortunate Traveller

Q77. Shakespeare’s friend and patron was
(1) Robert Devereux, Earl of Essex
(2) Henry Wriothesly, the Earl of Southampton
(3) Mary Sidney
(4) Isaac Oliver

Q78. Which of the following is the only work of sustained use of alliterative poetry by Chaucer?
(1) The Franklin’s Tale
(2) Parson’s Tale
(3) Sir Thopas
(4) Troilus and Criseyde

Q79. English has an unusually large vocabulary because
(1) its sentence structures are large
(2) it is an excessively wordy language
(3) it has been exposed to many languages
(4) it has no inflections

Q80. The language of the Celts in Gaul who were conquered by Caesar is known as
(1) Gallic
(2) Germanic
(3) Cornish
(4) Manx

Q81. “Let us go then, you and I,
When the evening is spread out against the sky Like a patient etherized upon a table…”
The above lines are an excerpt from

(1) “Pied Beauty”
(2) “The Darkling Thrush”
(3) “The Love-song of J. Alfred Prufrock”
(4) “Prospice”

Q82. Aldous Huxley borrowed the title Brave New World for one of his novels from
(1) Antony and Cleopatra
(2) The Tempest
(3) Much Ado About Nothing
(4) Twelfth Night

Q83. Who among the following is credited with the publication of The English Dictionary?
(1) Dr. Samuel Jonson
(2) Ben Jonson
(3) Caxton
(4) Thomas More

Q84. ‘Conceit’ is generally considered to be the trait of
(1) War poets
(2) Romantic poets
(3) Metaphysical poets
(4) Expressionist poets

Q85. “The Comedy of Manners” is commonly associated with
(1) Caroline Age
(2) Elizabethan Age
(3) Jacobian Age
(4) Restoration Age

Q86. Choose the masculine gender from the options given below :
(1) Signora
(2) Peahen
(3) Czarina
(4) Czar

Q87. The antonym of ‘Tedious’ is
(1) Easy
(2) Serious
(3) Comfortable
(4) Cool

Q88. State what is the underlined word in the given sentence:
“This is the boy whose mother has died.’

(1) Adverb clause
(2) Noun clause
(3) Adjective clause
(4) Conjunction clause

Q89. Give one word for the group of words: ‘Nations engaged in war.’
(1) Bane
(2) Blasphemy
(3) Frenzy
(4) Belligerents

Q90. Choose the correct option from the following: ‘Though he is poor, but he is honest.’
(1) He is honest but poor.
(2) He is poor, yet he is honest.
(3) Though he is poor, yet he is honest.
(4) He is poor and honest.

Q91. Supply the correct articles in the blanks : ___________ lion is_________strong beast.’
(1) The, the
(2) A, the
(3) The, a
(4) An, a

Q92. Use the suitable article in the following sentence :
‘Copper is __________ useful metal.’

(1) an
(2) a
(3) the
(4) None of these

Q93. Fill in the blank with the correct option:
‘She returned to the house where she ________.
(1) had been staying with friends
(2) had be staying with friends
(3) had been stayed with friends
(4) had been stay with friends

Q94. Complete the sentence by filling the blank:
‘I saw him first ___________ after midnight.’

(1) a little
(2) a few
(3) the little
(4) the few

Q95. Fill in the blank with the correct option in the sentence :
____________ had actually seen Jones fire the gun.’
(1) None of the witness
(2) None of the witnesses
(3) Not of the witnesses
(4) Nothing of the witness

Q96. When was The Waste Land published?
(1) 1922
(2) 1920
(3) 1925
(4) 1930

Q97. Who among the following is called “a belated romantic”?
(1) Thomas Hardy
(2) A. E. Housman
(3) Robert Owen
(4) W. B. Yeats

Read the poem and answer the questions (98 – 101) that follow :
The world is too much with us; late and soon,
Getting and spending, we lay waste our powers.
Little we see in Nature that is ours
we have given our hearts away, a sordid boon!
we sea that bares her bosom to the moon;
The winds that will be howling at all hours ; And are up-gathered now like sleeping flowers ;
For this, for everything, we are out of tune
Q98. According to the poem, we are out of tune with
(1) Nature
(2) Our Custom
(3) Materialistic world
(4) Our ideologies

Q99. Where are we laying waste our powers?
(1) In enjoying our life with our emotions
(2) In having harmony with nature
(3) In pursuit of the materialistic world
(4) In watching the beauty of nature

Q100. In the poem, the poet desires that we should
(1) Enjoy this world of nature and her beauty
(2) Enjoy this world of getting and spending
(3) Dislike nature
(4) Love the materialistic world

Q101.According to the poet, what is a ‘sordid boon’?
(1) Our hearts
(2) Our mind
(3) Our pleasures in getting and spending
(4) Our modern approach to the world that is too much with us

Q102. What part of speech is the word “and” in the following sentence?
“Harrison marched him to the door, threw him out, and returned.

(1) Pronoun
(2) Noun
(3) Adverb
(4) Conjunction

Q103. The word ‘new’ in the phrase “a new idea” is
(1) an adjective
(2) a verb
(3) a noun
(4) a conjunction

Q104. Which of the following is not in reported speech?
(1) He never told me, Sir, Watson complained.
(2) He answered that the price would be three pounds.
(3) I suggested that it was time to leave
(4) “How’s it all going?” Derek asked

Q105. Which of the following is in direct speech?
(1) He asked if you would be able to call and see him.
(2) He mentioned that he had a brother living in London.
(3) “I don’t know much about music,” Judy said.
(4) He promised to give me the money.

Q106. Which of the following is not in the past tense?
(1) She won the Pulitzer Prize in 1988.
(2) Honesty is the best policy.
(3) Once this town was a beauty spot.
(4) We visited New Delhi last week.

Q107. Eliot dedicated The Waste Land to
(1) John Donne
(2) James Joyce
(3) Ezra Pound
(4) John Milton

Q108. Matthew Arnold’s “Sohrab and Rustam” is taken from a story of
(1) Akbar Namah
(2) Arabian Nights
(3) Shah Namah
(4) Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam

Q109. In the well known poem “To His Coy Mistress” the word ‘Coy’ means
(1) timid
(2) shy
(3) voluptuous
(4) sensuous

Q110. How many pilgrims are there in The Prologue to the Canterbury Tales including the poet himself?
(1) Twenty-nine
(2) Twenty-eight
(3) Thirty
(4) Thirty-seven

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