UP Aided Junior High School Teacher Exam Answer Key (English Language) – 17 October 2021

Q111. The Book of the Duchess was written by Chaucer in 1369 to bring solace to
(1) Edward II
(2) John of Gaunt
(3) Edward III
(4) John Gower

Q112. Who called Shakespeare an ‘upstart crow’ in his book titled A Groats-Worth of Wit?
(1) Charles Lamb
(2) John Lyly
(3) Dryden
(4) Robert Greene

Q113. Which kind of comedy was Ben Jonson associated with?
(1) Comedy of Manners
(2) Comedy of Humours
(3) Farce
(4) Satire

Q114. Lycidas (1637) is an elegy on the death of
(1) Charles Dickens
(2) Milton
(3) Edward King
(4) Sir John Mandeville

Q115. Which of the following poems Dryden wrote to welcome the return of Charles II 2
(1) “Astraea Redux”
(2) “Absalom and Achitophel”
(3) “Annus Mirabilis”
(4) “The Hind and the Panther”

Q116. Areopagitica (1644), a noble and impassioned plea for the liberty of the press is a book by
(1) Keats
(2) Milton
(3) S.T. Coleridge
(4) L. A. Richards

Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions (117 – 120) that follow:
In the modern world, many new problems have arisen owing to the invention of the steam engine and the petrol engine, inventions which have made it possible to travel at very high speeds. Speed of transport has become the greatest feature of the modern industrial world. Rapid transport saves so much valuable time, that designers and mechanics everywhere are doing their utmost to increase the speeds of motor-cars, ships and aeroplanes.
Q117. What has given birth to many new problems in the modern world?
(1) The invention of trains
(2) The invention of ships
(3) The invention of steam boats
(4) The invention of the steam engine and the petrol engine

118. What has become the greatest feature of the modern industrial world?
(1) Speed of computer handling
(2) Speed of typing
(3) Speed of transport
(4) Speed of walkingctivate

119. What does the rapid transport save?
(1) It saves energy
(2)It saves money
(3) It saves time
(4) It saves exertion

120. Who are busy in increasing the speeds of cars, ships and aeroplanes ?
(1) Designers and mechanics
(2) Civil engineers and scientists
(3) Technocrats and mechanics
(4) Shapers and designers

Q121. In the course of centuries, English has built up an unusual capacity for
(1) Remaining unchangeable
(2) Assimilating outside elements
(3) Delinking itself entirely from Old English
(4) Making Greek its chief influence

Q122. The tribes that gave to England “Old English” were
(1) Arabic intruders
(2) Germanic invaders
(3) Spanish settlers
(4) Chinese travellers

Q123.Use the correct reflexive pronoun in the blank:
“They hurt__________ in the playground.”
(1) themselves
(2) himself
(3) herself
(4) none of these

Q124. How many kinds of Noun are used in English Grammar?
(1) Three
(2) Two
(3) Four
(4) Five

Q125. 125. How many Sections/Parts are there in E. M. Forster’s A Passage to India?
(1) Three
(2) Two
(3) Four
(4) Five

Q126. The Shepheardes Calender is a series of _______ eclogues, one for each month of the year.
(1) seven
(2) six
(3) ten
(4) twelve

Q127. What is Spenser’s eighty-eight Petrarchan Sonnet series called?
(1) Epithalamion
(2) The Faerie Queene
(3) Amoretti
(4) Mother Hubbard’s Tale

Q128. Who wrote the two long narrative poems titled “Venus and Adonis” and “The Rape of Lucrece” ?
(1) Wordsworth
(2) Shakespeare
(3) T. S. Eliot
(4) W. H. Auden

Q129. Everyman is the title of a
(1) Miracle play
(2) Morality play
(3) Mystery play
(4) Problem play

Q130. Euphues was written by John Lyly in 1579. What was the subtitle of Euphues?
(1) Prodromi
(2) Novum Organum
(3) The Anatomy of Wit
(4) The Masque of Beauty

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