CTET February 2014 – Paper – I (English Language) Answer Key

परीक्षा (Exam) – CTET Paper I Primary Level (Class I to V)
भाग (Part) –  Part – IV (English Language)
परीक्षा आयोजक (Organized) – CBSE
कुल प्रश्न (Number of Question) – 30
परीक्षा तिथि (Exam Date) –  February 2014

Directions (Q.No. 121 to 129): Read the given passage and answer the questions that follow by selecting the most appropriate option.
“Get well soon!” Shanta said, handing Partha a yellow balloon. She was his third visitor. That’s because she was his class teacher’s daughter, and her mother made her visit him. The other two, Rahul and Syed, weren’t really his friends, although they often ganged up with him against other kids to take away their lunch pocket money. Partha knew he wouldn’t have long to live. He could feel it, deep inside seeing his aunty crying after talking with the doctor confirmed it. His time had come. He didn’t tell his visitors, though. They would either pity him, or be happy to get rid of him.
Once Shanta left, he ripped a page off from his notebook and wrote −

“Dear God, I know I messed up and nobody likes me. Please give me a second chance. I can show you what a – good friend I can be.”

He drew a map showing the way from the school to the hospital, walked shakily to the window, and let the balloon fly away, carrying his message towards God.

The balloon was heading straight to a telephone pole, but a gentle breeze blew it away just in time. It crossed the park and disappeared out of view.

The next day, a boy he had never met before came to visit him. “I find balloon,” he said. “You are lonely?”

He just nodded, too startled to talk.

“I lonely too. My family come from Afghanistan and I no speak English good.” He smiled. “I bring gift to you.” He handed him a small bag of fruits. “I pray for friend, and God give me friend.”

Normally, he would have made fun of his broken English and his long, baggy brown kurta, but he knew better. He smiled and offered him the first orange.

Q121. One student the reader understands did not really want to meet Partha, that is
A. Shanta
B. Syed
C. Rahul
D. the Afghan boy

Q122. Partha felt lonely because ….. visited him when he was at the hospital.
A. his class teacher
B. only Syed and Rahul from his class
C. he had no friends at school, so no one
D. Shanta

Q123. A synonym for the word ‘startled’ in the passage is
A. surprised
B. stunned
C. avoided
D. composed

Q124. An antonym for the word ‘shakily in the
A unsure
B. unsteadily
C. firmly
D. rickety

Q125. Partha’s feeling of loneliness soon turned to
A. irritation
B. sympathy
C. self-pity
D. anger

Q126. Partha’s would not go back to school to me schoolmates and teachers because
A. his parents wanted to change his school
B. he did not have long to live
C. he hated his school as he had no friends
D. his doctors did not let him

Q127. The message in the passage is
A. loneliness is inevitable
B. about faith in God
C. all actions have consequences
D. friendship is rare

Q128. The change in Partha’s attitude is evident when he
A. accepted the fruits from a stranger, although he disliked oranges
B. refrained from poking fun at the Afghan boy and shared the fruits
C. was unmoved even when his aunt was crying
D. sent a letter to God written on a balloon

Q129. A phrase that can replace the words ‘ganged up’ 15
A. joined in opposition
B. formed a group
C. supported together
D. became friends

Directions (Q.No. 130 to 144) Answer the question selecting the most appropriate option.
Q130. While evaluating students’ responses for comprehension, marks may be deducted for ………….. errors
A. grammatical
B. syntactical
C. content
D. spelling

Q131. A text that requires students to scan in order understand and analyze the writer message and purpose could be
A. an encyclopedic extract
B. a newspaper headline
C. a set of instruction to assemble
D. a poem

Q132. While drafting a notice, students may be instructed to use.. …. language.
A. direct
B. intrigue
C. descriptive
D. elaborate

Q133. For evaluating a poster designed as a part of a competition, which of the following criteria would be the most appropriate for the judges?
A. Relevant content, style and word limit
B. Use of quotations, style and visual appeal
C. Creativity, relevant content and visual appeal
D. Creativity, fonts and visual appeal

Q134. Learners lack confidence to speak in the target language in class where the main language of conversation is the local vernacular. This challenge can be met by
A. allowing students to speak about whatever they can, irrespective of the grammatical errors, enhance their vocabulary and gradually make corrections
B. allowing students to watch English films as motivation, practice a drill consisting of useful sentences and vocabulary with regular correction of grammatical errors
C. insisting on students’ using only the target language irrespective of the grammatical errors, enhance their vocabulary, with regular feedback on their performance
D. instructing them to speak slowly and self-correct grammatical errors, enhance their vocabulary with a list of useful words

Q135. In order to drive home the point that listening skills matter, students should be
A. exposed to popular English films and reviewing them
B. taken to the language lab once a week for practice and feedback
C. allowed to listen to CD’s of poetry read aloud by well known voice-artistes .
D. reminded that listening-skill practices relate to real life

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