CTET January 2021 – Paper II (English Langauge II) Answer Key

परीक्षा (Exam) – CTET Paper II Primary Level (Class VI to VII) 
भाग (Part) – English Langauge II
परीक्षा आयोजक (Organized) – CBSE
कुल प्रश्न (Number of Question) – 30
परीक्षा तिथि (Exam Date) – 31st January 2021 (2nd Shift)

Directions: Read the passage given below and answer the questions (Q. Nos. 121 – 128) that follow by selecting the correct/most appropriate options :
The richness of her childhood experience came from living a life, which embraced tradition on one hand and exposure to the world of change, of questioning and questioning on the other. Her father’s progressive ideas, his involvement in bringing about change in the restricted Brahmanical society, his encouragement of Kamaladevi to follow her own inclinations and yet give her an opportunity to study in a school and participate in all the social functions with which he was involved, as a Senior Revenue Official, gave her confidence. The example of her grandmother, who lived the life of a scholar and fearless woman, who traveled alone without any fear of any social disapproval or adverse consequences, was a fitting example to Kamaladevi, who later traveled all over the world, often risking her life.
Girjabai, her mother was a dominant influence throughout her childhood and youth who set an example by overcoming all difficulties without a murmur. She discarded meaningless social customs and observances. She championed the cause of women. Her conviction was that a woman must educate herself so that she could be independent and her insistence that Kamaladevi should not only study but also participate in cultural activities and sports, enriched her daughter’s life.
Kamaladevi went with her mother to Seva Sadan and saw her exhorting women even older than her to become literate. She heard her read to them from the newspapers, magazines, and extracts from books by social reformers and nationalists, followed by discussions and saw their attitudes changing. Girjabai’s love for music was shared by Kamaladevi and she was encouraged to learn North Indian and Carnatic music. This love of music was a great source of peace for Kamaladevi in her later years.
Q121. ‘which embraced tradition The word ’embraced here means
(1) pleased
(2) followed
(3) disused
(4) performed

Q122. ‘an example by overcoming all difficulties’ The word ‘overcoming means
(1) conquering
(2) overbearing
(3) reaching
(4) not coming

Q123. ‘living a life, which embraced tradition, Which part of speech is the underlined word?
(1) Pronoun
(2) Determiner
(3) Adjective
(4) Adverb

Q124. Who two contradictory kinds of science did Kamaladevi have in her childhood?
(1) Childlike and Adult
(2) Social and Individual
(3) Questioning and Questing
(3) Tradition and Change

Q125. Her father did not believe in
(1) allowing children to join the adults in their activities
(2) female education
(3) removing brahminical restrictions
(4) giving freedom to children

Q126. Which of the following statements is NOT correct of her grandmother?
(1) She was not afraid of social criticism.
(2) She traveled unescorted.
(3) She believed that women should lead a secure life.
(4) She loved to read books.

Q127. Which of the following statements is correct about her mother?
(1) She preferred studies to sports.
(2) She did not believe in adult literacy.
(3) She struggled through life smilingly.
(4) She observed faithfully all the social customs

Q128. Study the following statements :
A. Kamaladevi’s mother read to her from newspapers and magazines.
B. Music was a source of great comfort to her.
(1) Both A and B are right.
(2) Both A and B are wrong.
(3). A is right and B is wrong.
(4) A is wrong and B is right.

Directions: Read the passage given below and answer the questions (Q. Nos. 129-135) that follow by selecting the correct / most appropriate options.
The goal of independence was achieved in India through a prolonged struggle, during which, the far-sightedness of the leaders of the freedom movement resulted in giving a final shape to our social and economic goals to be achieved after freedom. This vision imagined building a self-reliant nation through maximum utilization of the resources in men and materials, and the establishment of a noble and liberal society. It has been an article of faith amongst the policy planners in India that while economic strength determined the scope and quality of political freedom for millions, the quality of freedom depends on increased work and production in factories. It leads to just and equal distribution of wealth among the people so that the poor can also enjoy the benefit of freedom. This, it is recognized, is possible only through increased employment opportunities in the society.
In human terms, democracy means the availability of equal opportunities to all the people irrespective of caste, creed, sex and religion to develop their personalities. It means access to education in Arts, Science and Humanities and also awareness of our age old values and traditions. It needs to be emphasized that the Indian policy has been based on a concern for the individual not only as a worker working for the economic development of the society but also as an end in itself.
In the Indian context, the concept of national development goes far beyond economic growth; it is concerned with the creation of a nation united in one purpose, of people speaking different languages, professing different religions and rooted in a variety of cultures.
Q129. ‘while economic strength determined the scope
The word “determined’ means
(1) preferred
(2) rejected
(3) established
(4) decried

Q130. four social and economic goal
Part of speech of the underlined word
(1) Interjection
(2) Conjunction
(3) Pronoun
(4) Determiner

Q131. ‘In the Indian context, the concept of
The word ‘concept’ means
(1) Care
(2) Inception
(3) Curiosity
(4) Idea

Q132. The Independence was achieved in India
(1) through violent means
(2) by making use of every resource available
(3) through a long struggle
(4) by self-reliant leadership

Q133. Our leaders’ vision of independence India was based on
(1) economic self-reliance
(2) diversification of employment
(3) boycott of foreign goods
(4)development of defence forces

Q134. In addition to economic growth our society, as a consequence, also needs
(1) attention to pay changes. climatic
(2) just and equitable distribution of wealth.
(3) development of the countryside.
(4) to give importance to variety. cultural

Q135. Study the following statements :
Along with economic growth, we also want to develop a united nation with one aim.
A noble and liberal society depends entirely on economic wealth.
(1) Both A and B are right
(2)Both A and B are wrong.
(3) A is right and B is wrong.
(4) A is wrong and B is right.

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