भारतीय रेलवे में प्रथम (First in Indian Railway)

First in Indian Railway(भारतीय रेल में प्रथम)

Indian Railway (IR) is the national railway system of India which is operated by the Ministry of Railways. It is the world’s fourth-largest railway network in size, of which size is 121,407 kilometers. 49% of the routes are electrified with 25 KV AC electric traction while 33% of them are double or multi-tracked. IR runs more than 20,000 passenger trains daily. Indian railway is one of the largest employment providers in India.

Indian Railway Contributing Economic Development:

The service sector is playing an important role in the development of the Indian economy. Railway service is an important part of the Service sector. Capacity building on existing routes will help in carrying more goods, as well as increase the passenger journey. Indian Railways’ revenues increased at a CAGR of 9.66 per cent during FY17-FY18 to US$ 27.71 billion in FY18. India was among the top 20 exporters of railways globally, as of 2017.

First in Indian Railway:

  • Lal Bahadur Shastri, the first Railway Minister to resign due to the Railway Accident.

  • Surekha Yadav is the first woman railway driver of India.

  • John Mathai was the first Railway Minister of Independent India.

  • The country’s first woman railway minister was Mamata Banerjee.

  • Rewari Rohtak Demu service is India’s first CNG (natural gas) engine train.


  • The country’s first Rajdhani Express from Delhi to Howrah first ran on March 1, 1969.
  • The country’s first air-conditioned Double Decker train (Howrah to Dhanbad) was run on October 1, 2011.

  • The country’s first air-conditioned train (from Mumbai to Baroda) was started in 1936.
  • The first computerized reservation service of railway started in New Delhi on November 15, 1985.
  • The country’s first railbus service started in 1994 from Merta city in Rajasthan.
  • The first Shatabdi express train in India was the Delhi-Jhansi Shatabdi Express, the operation took place in 1998.
  • The first double-decker Shatabdi express train in India is prevalent between Goa and Mumbai, its operation started from 6th December 2015.
  • First lady motorman of Indian Railways is Smt. Preeti Kumari.
  • Shobhana Jain was the first woman director general of Indian Railways Staff College(Not Indian Railway).
  • Mrs Sudha Chaudhary was the first woman general manager of Indian Railways.
  • Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus is India’s first railway station.

  • Deccan Queen India’s first electric train is the most expansive Zone Northern Railway in Indian Railways.

  • India’s first railway station is Habibganj (Bhopal division), which has received ISO 9001-2000 certification.

  • The first railway platform ticket was released in Lahore.

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