UPTET 2015 – Paper – I (English Language) Answer Key

परीक्षा (Exam) – UPTET (UttarPradesh Teacher Eligibility Test) Paper I (Classes I to V)
भाग (Part) – Part – III – English Language
परीक्षा आयोजक (Organized) –  UPBEB

कुल प्रश्न (Number of Question) – 30
परीक्षा तिथि (Exam Date) – 2014

Directions: Read the passage given below and answer the questions that follow by selecting the correct/most appropriate options.
Your body is made up of sixty percent water and you lose the essential fluid every minute of every day as you breathe, digest and hopeful work up a sweat. It is important that you put back every drop. Starting now, drink eight 230 ml glasses of water every single daythat’s the minimum, your body needs daily. That is the monenegotiable sugar savvy hydration Mantra. Many times when you think you’re hungry, sleepy, depressed and for irritated, you’re actually just dehydrated.
Drinking enough water helps you combat water retention. Sounds counterintuitive, but think about it. If you are running around in a semi dehydrated state all the time, your body is going to hang on to every single drop, giving you that puffy, unhealthy appearance. When you are properly hydrating, your body gets the message that all systems are operating smoothly and it continues its work of flushing out your system and ridding of the excess fluids. If your goal is to lose weight, water is must. When you’re dehydrated, you body sends out signals that you need assistance. Many people mistake those thirsty SOS signals for hunger and take in hundreds of extra calories.
They also don’t solve the real problem -thirst! Drinking water can be a powerful appetite suppressant and allows you to cue into your real hunger. Your body also needs plenty of water for proper digestion, so you can get the most from the foods you eat. You are less susceptible to food cravings when your stomach is full and you’re getting all the nutrients you need. Drink two glasses of water be fore every meal -you’ll eat less! Your body uses water for fat.
Q61. ……… helps fight water retention.
(1) Drinking enough water
(2) Having a balanced diet
(3) Exercising regularly
(4) A regular morning walk

Q62. Our systems operate satisfactorily
(1) When we enjoy a sound sleep
(2) If excess fat is reduced
(3) When we are properly hydrated
(4) If we consume lots of fruits and vegetables

Q63. The best way to lose weight is to
(1) take weight reducing pills
(2) eat less starchy food
(3) exercise at least twice a day
(4) drink plenty of water

Q64. When we are dehydrated we think we
(1) want to vomit
(2) are about to collapse
(3) are tired
(4) need food

  1. The word ‘irritated most nearly means
    (1) troubled
    (2) annoyed
    (3) uneasy
    (4) frustrated

  2. The word which is opposite in meaning to ‘assistance is
    (1) resistance
    (2) fragrance
    (3) persistence
    (4) existence

Q67. “Your body uses water for fat.” The ‘voice in the above sentence has been correctly changed
(1) water could be used for fat by our body
(2) water was used for fat by our body
(3) water is being used by our body for fat
(4) water is used for fat by your body

Directions Answer the following questions by selecting the correct/most appropriate options.
Q68. Stephen Krashen’s theory second language acquisition does not consist of
(1) the Input Hypothesis
(2) the Natural Order Hypothesis
(3) the Acquisition Learning Hypothesis
(4) the Learnability Hypothesis

Q69. The use of dictionary does not help learners to
(1) be proficient in oral communication
(2) find out how to say a word
(3) find the meaning of words
(4) check the part of speech of a word

Q70. Constructivism in language learning focus person
(1) engaging learners in exploring new knowledge
(2) the dominant role of the teacher in the class room
(3) the role of imitation
(4) memorizing grammar rules

Q71. The major objective of teaching English at primary level is
(1) speaking English in British accent
(2) using English in different situations of life
(3) scoring good marks in the exams
(4) knowing the grammar of English

Q72. In learning a language students talking time should be increased because
(1) teachers feel relaxed while students are talking
(2) they use the target language for various purpose
(3) they enjoy spending time talking with their friends
(4) they can learn the correct pronunciation from each other

Q73. A teacher of Cass V is planning to teach grammar. Which one of the following might be a good strategy for teaching grammar?
(1) Asking students to carefully note down the rules from the blackboard
(2) Give the practice of grammar in context as a strategy
(3) Giving clear explanations of the rules with example
(4) Asking students to do drill work only to learn rules

Q74. Which one of the following is not true in relation to the use of children literature?
(1) Their reading proficiency deteriorates and gets worse
(2) It makes them understand and respect diverse cultures
(3) It helps in developing learners’ imagination
(4) It broaden their mental horizon

Q75. While assessing a group work, a teacher should not focus on
(1) cooperative learning process
(2) showing concern for others
(3) assessing each child’s work
(4) taking initiatives in work

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