UPTET 8 January 2020 – Paper – 2 (English Language – II) Answer Key

परीक्षा (Exam) – UPTET Paper II (Classes VI to VIII) Junior Level
भाग (Part) – Part – III – English Language – II
परीक्षा आयोजक (Organized)
कुल प्रश्न (Number of Question) – 30
परीक्षा तिथि (Exam Date) –  8 January 2020

Q61. Complete the following sentence in the most appropriate word.
Priya is not __________ For this kind of a job.
(1) cut up
(2) cut through
(3) cut out
(4) cut in

Q62. Which of the following nouns is a material noun ?
(1) Irony
(2) Class
(3) Kalidas
(4) Iron

Q63. Which of the following is a grammatically acceptable sentence
(1) Give me four five rupee notes
(2) Give me four five rupees notes.
(3) Give me tour five rupees notes
(4) Give me four five rupee note.

Q64. Identify the subject of the verb in the following sentence Every boy along with his parents is waiting in the next room.
(1) Every boy along with his parents
(2) His parents
(3) Boy along with
(4) Every

Q65. Which of the following sentence has an adjective clause ?
(1) I bought a chain because it was beautiful.
(2) I bought a chain and it was beautiful,
(3) I bought a beautiful chain.
(4) I bought a chain which was beautiful.

Direction: Read the following stanza carefully and answer the questions Question No. 66 and 67) that follow it :
Break, break, break,
On thy cold gray stones, O Sea!
And I would that my tongue could utter
The thoughts that arise in me
Q66. What is the meaning of the word ‘utter’?
(1) Stifle
(2) Speak
(3) Suppress
(4) Silence

Q67. What is the mood of the poet?
(1) None of these
(2) Pessimistic
(3) Optimistic
(4) Both (2) and (3)

Direction Read the massage given below and answer the questions (Ouestion Nos. 68 and 69) that follow it :
The first step is for us to realize that a city need not to be frustrate of life it can be among other things, a mechanism for enhancing life, TOT producing possibilities of living which are not to be realized extent through cities. But for that to happen, deliberate and drastic planning is needed. Towns as much as animals, must have their systems of organs – those for transport and circulation are an obvious example
Q68. Which one of the following has the opposite meaning to the word ‘frustrater in the passage?
(1) Applauder
(2) Approve
(3) Executor
(4) Promoter

Q69. The word ‘drastic’ in the passage means
(1) Powerful
(2) Consistent
(3) Determined
(4) Orderly

Q70. Fill in the blanks with correct preposition : Napoleon had genius – military tactics, without doubt he is genius Mathematics
(1) in, for
(2) at, in
(3) in, at
(4) for, in

Q71. Which part of speech is the word ingenious’?
(1) Adjective
(2) Pronoun
(3) Adverb
(4) Noun

Q72. The feminine gender of the word Bachelor is
(1) Steward
(2) Spinster
(3) Wizard
(4) Woman

Q73. Change the following sentence into a negative one: This boy plays football.
(1) This boy no plays football,
(2) This boy do not plays football.
(3) This boy does not play football.
(4) This boy not plays football.

Q74. Change the following sentence into a question:
Madhusudan knows how to cheat.
(1) Does Madhusudan knows how to cheat?
(2) Does Madhusudan know how to cheat?
(3) Do Madhusudan knows how to cheat?
(4) What Madhusudan knows how to cheat?

Q75. Which suffix should be used to pluralize the following word ?
(1) – es
(2) – en
(3) – ren
(4) – s

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