UPTET 8 January 2020 – Paper – I (English Language) Answer Key

परीक्षा (Exam) – UPTET Paper I Primary Level (Class I to V)
भाग (Part) – Part – I – (English Language)
परीक्षा आयोजक (Organized)UPBEB
कुल प्रश्न (Number of Question) – 30
Paper Set – D
परीक्षा तिथि (Exam Date) –  8 January 2020

Q61. Which of the following words is not a co-ordinating conjunction ?
(1) if
(2) for
(3) and
(4) but

Q62. Fill in the blanks with appropriate prepositions :
His thirst ______ knowledge left him no leisure ______ anything else.
(1) on, on
(2) for, for
(3) by, by
(4) at, at

Q63. The word ‘fast’ in the sentence
‘He is a fast writer’ is
(1) an adverb
(2) an adjective
(3) a conjunction
(4) a noun

Q64. Which of the following is not a simple sentence ?
(1) She reads what she likes.
(2) He is a man of great knowledge.
(3) I have a very costly book in my house.
(4) She does not know good manners.

Q65. The sentence
‘He will be playing the piano in the concert day after tomorrow’ is in
(1) Future Imperfect Tense
(2) Future Perfect Continuous Tense
(3) Future Indefinite Tense
(4) Present Indefinite Tense

Q66. In which of the following sentences is the subject of verb a feminine gender noun ?
(1) All the young men have arrived.
(2) All the old men have arrived.
(3) All the female members have arrived.
(4) All the male members have arrived.

Q67. The method of teaching in which the teacher tries to establish a link between the foreign language word and the object without the interference of the learner’s mother tongue is called
(1) the bilingual method
(2) the grammar-translation method
(3) the direct method
(4) the structural method

Q68. If you are testing your students’ comprehension of written English, you are testing their understanding of what they have just
(1) listened to
(2) spoken
(3) written
(4) read

Q69. Choose the correct sentence :
(1) Please listen towards your teacher.
(2) Please listen of your teacher.
(3) Please listen to your teacher.
(4) Please listen your teacher.

Q70. Find out the correct sentence/sentences :
(1) Both of the above
(2) None of the above
(3) I don’t believe him.
(4) I am not believing him.

Q71. Which of the following sentences is in Passive voice ?
(1) Some boys were helping the wounded man.
(2) My watch was lost.
(3) Someone may steal the bicycle.
(4) The teacher scolded him for being late.

Q72. Which of the following alternatives is the correct passive voice form of the following sentence ?
‘Do it’
(1) It will be done
(2) Let it be done
(3) It be done
(4) It is done

Q73. Which of the following words is plural ?
(1) Analysis
(2) Criteria
(3) Index
(4) Crisis

Q74. Which of the following nouns is in plural ?
(1) electronics
(2) billiards
(3) news
(4) mice

Q75. He was an orphan and lived with his uncle.
In the above given sentence identify the gender of the word ‘orphan’.
(1) Common Gender
(2) Feminine Gender
(3) Masculine Gender
(4) Neuter Gender

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