UPTET Exam Paper 23 January 2022 – Language I: English (Answer Key)

Q76. Pick the sentence with the correct conjunction: the
(1) No sooner had we reached station and the train left.
(2) No sooner had we reached the station when the train left.
(3) No sooner had we reached the station than the train left.
(4) No sooner had we reached the station but the train left.

Q77. Pick out the suitable antonym of the given word:

(1) careful
(2) silly
(3) sagacious
(4) imprudent

Direction-Read the passage below and answer the questions that follow (Q. No. 78 to 85) by selecting the most appropriate option:
The children of M. G. Vidyalaya, had a wonderful time yesterday. They were captivated by the speed, agility, and showmanship of magician, Kim Rathod. The children watched him spellbound for two hours. All that broke the silence was a gasp of astonishment or the sound of spontaneous applause, appreciating a trick. Out of his magic wand came flowers, ribbons, and garlands of every possible color and seemingly unending length. It came in such quick succession that everyone was left gasping. One or two young children came up to examine the thin stick wondering how it could hold so much. They were really frustrated. As if that was not magical enough he made a rabbit pop out of an empty wooden box. It went hopping around the stage. It was soon put back into the box and seconds later, he pulled out a rat, soft, white, and squeaking. The little ones seemed a little frightened by this, while the others clapped and cheered loudly. This was the grand finale. The children did not want it to end. They shouted ‘encore’, ‘once more. But Kim gave them a bright smile and vanished from the scene. The children were left searching here and there for him. Then they walked out excitedly recounting what they had seen and how wonderful it was. One of the boys Ravi declared loudly, it was the best magic show of the century.
Q78. What does ‘encore’ mean?
(1) Now
(2) Once more
(3) Try
(4) Never

Q79. What did Kim do in the end?
(1) Sat down
(2) Never performed the trick
(3) Smiled and disappeared
(4) Performed the act once again

Q80. What does ‘Century’ denote?
(1) A period of hundred years
(2) A period of fifty years
(3) A period of ten years
(4) A period of one year

Q81. What is the magician’s name?
(1) Kiran Rathod
(2) Kim Rathod
(3) Ravi
(4) M. G. Vidyalaya

Q82. What is the meaning of ‘captivated’?
(1) Angered
(2) Arrested
(3) Honoured
(4) Astonished

Q83. What is the meaning of ‘spontaneous’?
(1) Continuous
(2) Never
(3) Always
(4) Happening suddenly.

Q84. What is a “Wand’?
(1) Box
(2) Hat
(3) Cloth
(4) Stick

Q85. What is the meaning of ‘hopping’?
(1) Singing
(2) Standing
(3) Jumping
(4) Running

Q86. The meaning of the idiom “to put out” is
(1) To go out
(2) To extinguish
(3) To wait
(4) To postpone

Q87. The sentence: “This is the house in which I was born”, is
(1) A compound-complex sentence
(2) A complex sentence
(3) A compound sentence
(4) A simple sentence

Q88. Fill in the blank:
The objection was met out_______the lawyer’.
(1) from
(2) by
(3) to
(4) with

Q89. Fill in the blank:
“______of playing, the children went home”.
(1) While tiring
(2) Having tired
(3) On tiring
(4) Being tired

Q90. Join the following sentence to make a simple sentence:
The coffee isn’t too strong. It won’t keep awake.
(1) The coffee isn’t too strong so as to keep us awake.
(2) The coffee isn’t too strong so it won’t keep us awake.
(3) The coffee isn’t too strong and will not keep us awake.
(4) The coffee isn’t too strong to keep us awake.

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