UP Aided Junior High School Teacher Exam Answer Key (English Language) – 17 October 2021

Q131. Who wrote the lines ?
Bliss was it in that dawn to be alive, But to be young was very heaven!
(1) Wordsworth
(2) Coleridge
(3) Keats
(4) Shelley

Q132. Coleridge’s “Rime of the Ancient Mariner” was included in
(1) “Lyrical Ballads”
(2) “The Prelude”
(3) “The Morning Chronicle”
(4) “Gentleman’s Magazine”

Q133.Which of the following Pope’s major poems was the only one of the series that was completed?
(1) “The Rape of the Lock”
(2) “An Essay on Man”
(3) “An Essay on Criticism
(4) “The Dunciad”

Q134. The Restoration is said to begin with the arrival of a particular monarch to the throne of England. Who was that monarch?
(1) James I
(2) Henry VIII
(3) Charles I
(4) Charles II

Q135. In which literary work do we come across a palace fire in Lilliput ?
(1) Moll Flanders
(2) Robinson Crusoe
(3) Battle of the Books
(4) Gulliver’s Travels

Q136. Wessex novels are associated with
(1) George Eliot
(2) Charles Dickens
(3) Thomas Hardy
(4) Jane Austen

Q137. ‘Rosie’ is a character in the novel
(1) Kanthapura
(2) Untouchable
(3) Swami and Friends
(4) The Guide

Q138. The four wheels of English novel” comprises Samuel Richardson, Henry Fielding. Tobias Smollett and_______
(1) Daniel Defoe
(2) Laurence Sterne
(3) Robert Louis Stevenson
(4) Charles Dickens

Q139. The term ‘Picaresque” in literature means
(1) Novelist
(2) Adventure of a person
(3) Pick up
(4) Picturesque

Q140. The poetic form “Mock-epic” is associated with
(1) Matthew Arnold
(2) Dr. Samuel Johnson
(3) A. L. Tennyson
(4) Alexander Pope

Q141. Who among the following dramatists was a writer of ‘Problem Plays’ ?
(1) John Lyly
(2) William Shakespeare
(3) Christopher Marlowe
(4)George Bernard Shaw

Q142. An’elegy’ is a poem of
(1) Adventures
(2) Celebration
(3) Rejoicing
(4) Mourning

143.The first twenty-four lines of “Paradise Lost’ is called
(1) Invocation
(2) Avocation
(3) Convocation
(4) Allocation

Q144. Which of the following sentences is correct?
(1) The Sun rise in the East and sets in West.
(2) Sun rises in the East and sets in West
(3) Sun rises in the East and sets in the West.
(4) The Sun rises in the East and sets in the West.

Q145. Which of the following sentences has an adjective clause?
(1) He met a girl who had blue eyes
(2) He met a girl with blue eyes.
(3) He met a girl whose eyes were blue.
(4) He met a girl and found her eyes blue.

Q146. Fill in the blank with suitable preposition:
‘The river flows______the bridge’.
(1) over
(2) across
(3) under
(4) upon

Q147. Supply the correct alternative in the blank:’I______English for five years.”
(1) am studying
(2) study
(3) will study
(4) have been studying

Q148. Supply the correct alternative in the blank
‘I________a lot of work today.’
(1) had done
(2) did
(3) have done
(4) didn’t do

Q149. Convert the following sentence into active voice:
A ticket will be given to you by the manager.
(1) The manager will give you a ticket.
(2) The manager will give a ticket.
(3) The manager will have to give you a ticket.
(4) The manager should give you a ticket

Q150. Change the following sentence into passive voice:
“The peon opened the gate.”
(1) The gate is opened by the peon.
(2) The gate was opened by someone.
(3) The gate was opened by the peon.
(4) The gate has been opened by the peon.

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